A tool for environmental awareness

SPARROW puts the power of air quality monitoring into students’ hands with a fast responding, real-time, user-friendly app.

Carbon Monoxide


Relative Humidity

Local Air Quality

With SPARROW students and educators can monitor low level CO, Temp, RH, and view local air quality data provided by airnow.gov.

1 of 6 gases monitored by the EPA, carbon monoxide is commonly found in many environments.

SPARROW can be added to

any curriculum

and adapted for any age and skill level


Colorful Display - Quick Response

At the elementary level, SPARROW serves as a hands-on tool with an intuitive visual display.  SPARROW reinforces existing curriculum and provides data to enhance basic observations for topics such as air quality, weather patterns, and gas detection.

Middle School & High School

Save and Share data with Google Drive

Inside the classroom or out, SPARROW provides location based, GPS data that can be shared through email or Google Drive.  With SPARROW students can:

  • Record Observations
  • View local air quality data in conjunction with real-time measurements
  • Map exposure history and graph data

University & Air Quality Professionals

Monitor low-level CO and customize data settings

The SPARROW app allows you to customize settings and the data collection rate from every 10 seconds to 1 hour.  SPARROW continuously monitors when connected to the app and in standalone mode.  Automatic upload to the SPARROW device upon app connection, ensures you never miss any data points.

SPARROW is small, lightweight, and built for the innovative Otterbox UniVERSE Case System.

The Otterbox uniVERSE system features a unique rail design that allows for interchangeable modules.  This protective case is available for phones and tablets in many of today’s popular Android and iOS models.

Learn More about the uniVERSE System. 

Built for Otterbox UniVERSE Case System