SPARROW – CO & Air Quality Monitor


SPARROW is a smart phone connected carbon monoxide monitor for CO safety and air quality analysis.  SPARROW and the SPARROW app work together to monitor CO in real-time and provide both high level safety alerts and low-level air quality warnings.

Key features of SPARROW:

        • Small size with rechargeable battery
        • Multi-colored LED and audible buzzer
        • Highly accurate SPEC SensorsTM carbon monoxide sensor
        • Compatible with the Otterbox uniVERSE case system

Key features of the SPARROW app:

        • Intuitive color-coded CO level and TWA display
        • Custom warning levels
        • Regional air quality data from (US only)

What makes the SPARROW app innovative?  With the SPARROW app you can:

      • Monitor both high and low levels of CO in real-time
      • Graph CO levels and track exposure over time
      • Map the location of both high and low-level CO events.
      • Download CO data for further analysis
      • Emergency Texting Feature: The SPARROW app will send a text alert to a user assigned emergency contact when very high levels of CO are detected based on the users custom setting.  This feature is enabled when connected to the SPARROW app and with a wireless data connection.

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