Stay CO Safe



Personal carbon monoxide monitoring for health, wellness, and safety

SPARROW is a wearable CO monitor that allows you to track carbon monoxide exposure, map CO events, and save and share data.

Carbon monoxide is lethal at high levels and prolonged exposure at low levels can lead to lasting health effects.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas regulated by several organizations to ensure workplace safety.  OSHA mandates that no indiviual be exposed to over 50 ppm of CO over an 8 hour time-period.

SPARROW is ideal for locations where traditional carbon monoxide monitors are not always present or effective.

SPARROW can be customized to fit your needs

SPARROW provides real-time data with instant notifications and custom settings for low-level detection or high CO alerts.

Customize Alerts

Receive alerts for both low level exposure as well as high CO events based on your specific need.  SPARROW provides real-time data with custom alert levels to help you monitor your exposure throughout the day.

Track Exposure by Location

Pinpoint exactly where CO exposure events occur with time, date, and location data for street level mapping.  

Save and Share Data

The SPARROW app allows you to customize the data collection rate from every 10 seconds to 1 hour.  SPARROW continuously monitors when connected to the app and in standalone mode.  Share data for further analysis.

Built for the Otterbox UniVERSE Case System

SPARROW joins the uniVERSE Case Systems ever-growing collection of interchangeable modules, connecting SPARROW directly to a protective phone or tablet case.

Who Can SPARROW help?

Many industries have long relied on personal CO protection such as pilots, first responders, and manufacturing professionals.

Technology for New Industries

Advancements in sensor technology are allowing new industries to seek out CO detection for worker health and safety

 home and business inspectors / home repair / realtors / temporary construction sites / truck and bus drivers