About our name

In the late 1950’s China, the government instituted what became known as the Great Sparrow Campaign, where sparrows along with mosquitoes, flies, and rats, were viewed as pests to be eradicated.  After driving the sparrows to near-extinction, it became clear that these birds played an integral part in controlling locust populations. Without their main predator, these insects killed crops across the country ultimately contributing to a great famine where an estimated 30 million people died of starvation.

Today, sparrows have come to symbolize ecological balance and environmental preservation in cities around the world.  We believe our SPARROW air monitor will reveal the modern dangers that threaten to upset this balance by alerting us to everyday pollutants and protecting us from environmental hazards.

Who we are

SPARROW is the next evolution of wearable air monitors by Eco Sensors, a division of KWJ Engineering.  We are a California based team of scientific professionals, manufacturers, and engineers with a mission to improve human health and environmental safety with advanced gas sensing technology.  Backed by decades of combined experience and a UL-recognized electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor from SPEC Sensors, SPARROW is unlike any other air quality and carbon monoxide safety device on the market today.

Why measure Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is silently killing hundreds of people every year, and injuring thousands more.  Exposure to high concentrations often kills within minutes, while exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide often leads to permanent physical injury that left undetected has caused families a lifetime of suffering.  CO is also the most common element in polluted environments and often correlates with high levels of other pollutants.

Up to this point, traditional carbon monoxide alarms and air quality tracking devices have been separate entities. Using SPEC sensors electrochemical printed sensor technology we are able to provide one device that accurately measures low concentrations of carbon monoxide and provides protection from poisonous life-threatening levels of CO.

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