Environmental monitoring for health and safety

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SPARROW is a smart phone connected carbon monoxide monitor that lets you

Stay CO Safe

At Home


& At Work

The uniVERSE case system by Otterbox is an innovate case design that allows modules to securely attach to your phone case.  Each module, like SPARROW, is built with a custom rail that fits the uniVERSE case, extending the functionality of your phone.

Built for Otterbox

SPARROW alerts you to elevated levels of carbon monoxide with an intuitive display.

Intuitive and user friendly

with custom alert levels


Easy to use with advanced features

Designed to fill the need for personal CO monitoring for health, wellness, and safety.


Why measure carbon monoxide?

Health and Wellness:  The target gas within air pollution often differs regionally, but carbon monoxide is commonly found in many polluted environments.

Safety:  Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that impacts thousands of lives every year.  At high levels it is toxic and continued exposure to low levels can have lasting negative health effects.  Sensitive individuals are especially susceptible to the effects of carbon monoxide.

Industry:  Carbon monoxide is one of several gasses regulated by organizations such as OSHA and NIOSH to ensure worker safety.  While many industrial settings are equipped with carbon monoxide alarms, low-level CO protection may not be monitored.

»  The greatest source of carbon monoxide in outdoor air is due to vehicle emissions and other machinery that burn fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil.

»  The effects of carbon monoxide exposure vary greatly for every individual based on age and overall health as well as CO concentration and duration of exposure.  Many individuals like children, infants, and elderly are more susceptible to negative health effects.


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